UI and Web Designer. Front-End Developer.

Photoshop • Sketch • InVision • HTML • CSS • jQuery • PHP


Design is more than just an after-thought.

About Me

Right, where to start? You've probably already figured out my name is Phil Stringfellow. And no, I'm not related to Peter, or have his same taste in leopard-skin thongs. Instead, I was born and bred some little piece of land called the Wirral where I mostly foraged for nuts and barley on Bidston Hill and played hide and seek with squirrels. Well… they hid from me mostly. After being raised on dodgy 80's music, and becoming addicted to Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodles, I found the internet and voilà! The web designer in me was born.

Starting off learning HTML in 2000 the old-fashioned way (stealing other people's code) I made websites of things I liked: My Little Pony, Barbie and The Smurfs. After being abducted by the Westborough Baptist Church, where I learnt the dark art of graphic design, I returned to the warm bosom of web design after negotiating my release with a potato gun and several out of date sesame seeds. Realising I had a lot of catching up to do, I learned modern web design the hard way, learning HTML5 and CSS3, including a dash of responsive design.

Still there? Plain and simple, I make good websites, and can design logos and create branding too. I like pixel perfection and I like my code clean. I make websites like I make tea - strong, reliable and not rushed. You can see more of what I do up there, and links to other portfolios and sites below, and then you can contact me with your ideas on how you want to make the next Twitter. In Esperanto and Comic Sans.

Other Sites

In between battling pixels, strangling code and chasing unicorns through the fog, I run a few side-projects. These side-projects are mainly for fun, and experimentation, and mostly end up an exercise in making myself even balder.

Zelda Timeline

Zelda Timeline is a look at the official timeline of the Legend of Zelda series, featuring a interactive look at the timeline, information from the official book Hyrule Historia and more. Zelda Timeline is a static site showing in-depth information, high-resolution imagery and exclusive media to explain the timeline released by Nintendo. Designed by myself and superbly hand-crafted by the hugely talented Graham Smith (@Gablaxian), and help from Scott Riley (@scott_riley), the site features a pop-out navigation for delving through the timeline and other pages, and each page condenses the information into a readable but highly informative article, from the game development, to critical reception, to an explanation of the story and the timeline consequences. The site includes high-quality, often official media, wallpaper and freebies, with frequent giveaways and offers.


Redsgned is a show case of the very best in redesigned websites, apps, branding and products from designers around the world. After seeing many unofficial designs on sites like Dribbble, Behance and Forrst I decided to create a site where I could collect all of these designs in one place and give people and designers the chance to submit their own redesign to the site. Version 1 of the site went live in November 2012, and the original site was developed by the great front-end developer Anthony Kileen (@mrqwest), providing much needed help and experience in bringing by design to life in WordPress. Version 2 of the site will be designed and built to be quicker, prettier and easier to use on mobiles and tablets, continuing to use WordPress as the platform or the site. This time, though, I'll be taking the reins single-handedly to continue my learning and experience of WordPress.


Contrllr is the newest idea for a side-project of mine, focused around a gaming community site with Letterboxd as the main inspiration behind the site. The first version of the site will be a place where you can catalogue your games, review games and platforms, create lists of played games and future releases, and keep track of your games and achievements by linking your XBL, PSN and Steam accounts. Planned versions in the future will be a paid subscription model for extra features, a dedicated app and, hopefully, a vibrant community of gamers and fans to use the site as a first port-of-call for all things gaming related. In between designing the site and creating the look and feel for it, I will be working with a few developers to create the site, with a custom back-end and stable platform ready for expansion and continued growth.